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NYCCO collaborative pilot award


The applicant must be a member of NYCCO and demonstrate the expertise required to successfully complete the proposed project. Applicants must hold a MD, PhD, or equivalent degree. Applicants who are still in training must include a letter from their faculty mentor indicating the appropriate oversight of the project, as well as a commitment from the faculty member to complete the project if the trainee is unable to. Faculty members from at least two additional NYCCO-affiliated institutions must be involved in the proposed research, and each must provide a letter of support for the application. The Principal Investigator will be expected to attend at least every other NYCCO meeting and provide a written update on study progress every 6 months.


Selection and Review Process

An application template can be found below. Applications will be judged on scientific merit, feasibility, and relevance to IBD. Appropriate statistical considerations, including sample size calculations, should be addressed in the application. Preliminary data for proposed projects can be included in the application but are not required. The applicant’s previous commitment to NYCCO activities will be considered.

Applicants are welcome to present their proposed project at any upcoming NYCCO general meeting for the purposes of obtaining feedback, which can be used to improve the application. However, applications will not be judged at the meeting. Instead applications will be evaluated by a grants review council containing active members of NYCCO and representing the diversity of NYCCO membership.



Thank you for your interest. This application cycle is now closed. 

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